We are surrounded by circumstances, and the Ciclovía event set for 28 March 2020 is temporarily halted. We fully understand and support the Mayor's precautionary move to protect our public from further exposure to the coronavirus. It's a postponement, though, and not a cancellation. When Pensacola is healthy and happy again, we'll celebrate with a great Ciclovía. Yes, it’ll be better than ever — and we thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm.



Ciclovía (seek-low-via) — originated in Bogota, Colombia in the 1970s and took off around the world in the 1990s. Pensacola joined the movement in 2017 with our very first Ciclovía! This event closes major streets in downtown Pensacola to motorized traffic and opens them up for people to ride bikes, walk, run, play, or whatever moves them! Come join in on the fun!

Ciclovía Pensacola is a grassroots movement made up of volunteers and a diverse range of public, private, and nonprofit stakeholders.

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Find out more about becoming a Ciclovía Pensacola 2020 Partner. Your support boosts our local economy, lowers pollution, and promotes public health, active transportation, and community connection.


To create a safe space for the entire community to come together participate in physical activity, engage with others, explore downtown Pensacola — and have fun!


Ciclovía Pensacola is dedicated to partnering with select individuals and organizations to sponsor an event that promotes health, active transportation, local economic growth, community connection, and overall well-being.